Golden Harker


The Golden Harker Property is located in the Harker Township, in the Larder Lake Mining Division, in the Cochrane District, Province of Ontario. It is comprised of 18 mining claims and located to the south west of the St. Andrew Goldfield’s Holt McDermott Mine Property and their Holloway Mine property. Several other smaller deposits in the Harker-Holloway gold camp and in the vicinity of the Golden Harker Property include the Buffonta, Mattawasaga and East zone deposits.


The Golden Harker Property is underlain by the same succession of mafic volcanic flows, breccias, and tuffs that host the known gold deposits of the area. These volcanic rocks are cut by ENE trending faults (including the Ghost Mountain fault) that splay from the Destor-Porcupine fault zone (“DPFZ”). The DPFZ is a major deformation zone that crosses to the north of the claims through Harker Township. Proximity to the DPFZ, the Kirkland-Larder Lake Break and other similar regional faults are characteristic of significant gold deposits of the Eastern Abitibi Greenstone Belt.