R. David Russell

President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Mr. Russell has over three decades of executive experience in the mineral exploration and development industry. From 2002 to June 2010 Mr. Russell was the Founder, President and CEO  of Apollo Gold Corporation. His previous positions include Vice-President and COO of Getchell Gold Company/Placer Dome Gold; General Manager, US Operations, LAC Minerals Ltd. (now Barrick Gold Corporation); Manager, Underground Mining, Independence Mining Company; Project Manager, Hecla Mining Company; and Manager, Lincoln Project FMC/Meridian Gold. Mr. Russell graduated from the University of Montana, School of Minerals Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mining Engineering.

Mario Colantonio, P.Eng.


Mr. Colantonio has extensive experience  in engineering and management for capital and maintenance projects for mine/mill infrastructures including feasibility studies. He has held senior engineering management positions for AMEC from 1995 to 2002 and was president of a privately-owned engineering consulting firm from 2004 until 2019 when it was sold to JL Richards where he is now an Associate. He holds a B.SC. Degree in civil engineering from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Michael Hobart


Mr. Hobart is a partner at the law firm Fogler, Rubinoff LLP specializing in securities and corporate law in the mining sector. For over 25 years he has been a trusted advisor to numerous companies in the mining sector, where he as a led hundreds of transactions in Canada and abroad.

Thomas S. Kofman


Mr. Kofman was a founder and chairman of M Partners Inc., an independent full-service investment bank until April 2018. He has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IPC Financial Network Inc., Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of RealFund, and CFO of Freed Developments. Mr. Kofman is a Chartered Professional Accountant and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University.

Gerhard Merkel


Mr. Merkel has extensive senior executive experience.  He was CEO and CFO of Metex (Germany) Trading Company from 1994 to 2005. From 2005 to present, he has been CFO and COO of CGM Import-Export Ltd (Portugal) Import/Export, a wholesale and retail of catering equipment company and producer of catering accessories.

James T. O’Neil Jr.


Mr. O’Neil is a senior executive with 45 years of experience in the metal mining and processing industry. He has served on the board of directors or in executive positions with several junior mining companies including Jipangu International, Apollo Gold, Rye Patch Gold, Josephine Mining and Jerritt Canyon Gold. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Science from Arizona State University and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Richard F. Nanna


Mr. Nanna has over four decades of experience as an exploration geologist in Canada, US and overseas. He was Executive Vice President of Exploration at Apollo Gold responsible for exploration and development of the Black Fox Mine, Timmins, Florida Canyon, Nevada and Montana Tunnels Mine, Montana. Mr. Nanna was instrumental in the discoveries and developments at FirstMiss Gold, Getchell/Turquoise Project (18.5 million ounces of gold discovered) and Central Asian Minerals. He currently provides geological consulting services. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and Master Degree in Geology from Akron University, Ohio.